A Change of Heart (2013)

A Change of Heart (2013)

Other Name: 好心作怪


The ruthless Fong Chi-Lik suffers from congestive heart failure, and was fortunate to have the recently died Yiu Yat-San donate his heart to him. After going through heart transplant surgery, Chi-Lik’s personality changes drastically; Chi-Lik turns into a good man with a caring attitude. But when Chi-Lik discovers Yat-San’s “accidental” death involved him and his wife, he gets lost between love and righteousness, good and evil. Meanwhile, Yat-San’s twin brother Yiu Yuet-San returns to Hong Kong to prepare for his brother’s funeral and falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend Yuen Siu-Kat. The plot thickens when Yuet-San finds out that his twin brother’s death was not an accident and begins investigating to uncover the truth.







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