Hello Misfortune (2021)

Hello Misfortune (2021)

Other Name: 愛上我的衰神


In a multidimensional domain, Poon Siu-yu enters the second dimension after her death in the first dimension, i.e. the mortal realm. She then joins Office of the Life Authority and becomes a novice “destiny administrator”. Siu-yu has to keep a close watch on food courier Chan Pei-ho, who is in the mortal realm. Pei-ho earns a meager living regardless of the weather. But his family members just do not care about him. He is already overwhelmed by life pressures, and he is also jinxed by “bad spirit” Siu-yu while doing his job. Siu-yu gradually sympathizes with Pei-ho. Meanwhile, Pei-ho also realizes this mysterious girl has covertly helped him a lot. The duo then even recklessly start a romantic relationship that is probably going to have no future.





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